Sample Advance Take Profit Robot

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    Interesting Я тут не случайно



  2. Interesting

    Interesting Я тут не случайно

    Sorry, but unfortunately I still do not understand the essence of your trading robot. I hope that you can provide more information.

    First, I'm interested in where and how you generated this code.
    Secondly, I'm interested in the description of the algorithm (preferably the most detailed).
    Further, it is necessary to know whether you used a specialized template in another language (possibly in MQL) or this project was developed without using templates and additional libraries.

    In case you developed this project yourself, please specify the following circumstances:
    a) did you use these specialized reference materials?
    Guide mScript -
    Tutorial -

    Please note: It is necessary to clarify a very important fact - do you need to get a specialized trading robot or an abstract class for further inclusion in various projects?
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    I have no other info on the source of the code or the site where I recovered it.
    It is material that I downloaded a few years ago by going around the web.

    But I can add 2 things.
    1) attached complete folder in zip format.
    2) Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 11.00 # Visual Studio 2010

    У меня нет другой информации об источнике кода или сайте, где я его восстановил.
    Это материал, который я загрузил несколько лет назад, перейдя по сети.

    Но я могу добавить 2 вещи.
    1) прикрепленная полная папка в формате zip.
    2) Файл решения Microsoft Visual Studio, формат версии 11.00 # Visual Studio 2010


  4. Interesting

    Interesting Я тут не случайно

    Thanks for the additional information.
    I will try to study your information and understand the problem.

    If you are interested in my opinion, I am ready to say it - I think it's much more effective to split the project into two parts.
    a - Implement a trading robot in the form of an MQL-program.
    b - translate the trading robot algorithm into JavaScript (taking into account the features of the Mobius7 terminal).
  5. forex_live

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    The code I believe is in the public domain.

    There is no copyright the author is mentioned, I think you are free to do as if it were yours.

    I published it for the benefit of the forexstart community.

    Thanks bye.

    Код, который, я считаю, находится в общественном достоянии.

    Нет авторских прав, упомянутых автором, я думаю, что вы свободны делать так, как будто это было ваше.

    Я опубликовал его в интересах сообщества forexstart.

    Спасибо, пока.

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